Summer Reading Intensive

Hello TPAC Families,

We are hosting 2 week intensive reading classes focused on incoming 1st graders and incoming 2nd graders. This reading time period is extremely fragile and most students who might be struggling in reading can and will catch up using a first tier research based, systematic program such as EBLI (Evidence Based Learning Initiative). The instructor, Ms. Sara Foster, completed training with EBLI and has implemented it with excellent success with several of our students. For many students, this quote sums up most of their reading related issues: 

“As a reading specialist, I work with children who have failed to learn in the classroom, and really as educators we’ve failed them because we haven’t given them that first tier of evidence-based instruction.”

Norma Hancock
Reading Specialist and Doctoral Research Fellow
Speech and Language (SAiL) Literacy Lab at MGH Institute

By completing the EBLI intensive reading program, your child will receive first tier, evidence based instruction. Most students achieve grade level status in reading at this point. However, a small percentage do not. If your child is still struggling after this program, then we need to move on to tier 2 and tier 3 levels of support. These levels mean more intensity of instruction usually one on one with more research based programs. 

This small percentage of students who continue to struggle may do so for a variety of reasons such as English as a second language, development delays, speech delays, ADHD, learning disabilities, PTSD from trauma, etc. This is why I do one on one reading therapy using Orton-Gillingham based programs like LiPS and Barton Reading and Spelling. I also serve as a resource for further support as you navigate the RTI or MTSS (multi-tiered systems of support). I can explain what they mean and offer ideas for resources. 

Thank you all for trusting us with your children! It is an honor!


Phone: 813-703-2075

Morning sessions: 9:00-11:30/M-Th

Tuition: $480/8 sessions/16 hours

Afternoon sessions: 4:00-5:30, 5:30-7:00/M-Th

Tuition: $360/8 sessions/12 hours

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